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ACME Speciality Manufacturing Provides School Bus Mirrors and Transit Mirror Systems


Choose Safety with School Bus Mirrors and Transit Mirrors

The safety of drivers and their passengers is imperative, and having a fully functional mirror system is a key element in maintaining clear vision while driving; we offer hundreds of mirror heads from a 3”x12” convex mirror to 5” diameter utility mirror.


School bus mirrors and Transit Mirrors

High quality mirrors for school busses and transit vehicles is especially important for the safety of children going to school, as well as for buses and cabs full of people. ACME works with our clients to find the mirror systems that work best for their needs and vehicles. Contact ACME to discuss school bus mirrors and transit mirrors.

ACME mirrors are able to withstand the heavy use and wear that occurs to transit vehicles by wind, snow, rain, rocks, and more. We know that it is easy for mirrors to take a beating, and we design them to be strong.

Our OEM mirrors show our clients the values we have at ACME Specialty. Not only do we use state-of-the-art tools and technical processes, but our clients know that we place great value on customer service and satisfaction because we take the time to get to know them and their needs. This is also why we provide free mirror design and development--we give our clients the highest quality products in the industry and the best service.

3" x 12" convex mirror
7" x 14" wide angle ISO 5006 mirror
15" x 25" Multivex Convex mirror

Remote Controlled Transit Bus Mirror System

12" Diameter Bus Rear Stepwell Mirror

9.5"X9.5" Exterior Bus Mirror

8"X12" Convex Mirror Head with Injection Molded Housing

5" Diameter Utility Mirror

5"X7" Convex Utility Mirror

4"X16" Interior Bus Mirror

8"X8" Exterior Bus Mirror

6"X9" Stainless Steel Convex Mirror

6"X9" Convex or Flat Mirror

8"X11" Single Mount Mirror
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