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ACME Specialty offers free mirror design and free mirror development

We now offer stainless steel, metal and hard-coated acrylic plastic lenses for truly unbreakable mirrors

For nearly 100 years, Acme Specialty has provided free mirror design and free mirror development services to our OEM customers and prospects. We use today’s cutting edge technologies, such as PRO-ENGINEER, to create 3D solid modeling. The professionals at ACME Specialty can use Stereo Lithography to produce prototype plastic molding.

The Acme Specialty staff has the skills and experience to design in electro-mechanical systems, and work-around various metal or plastic component weaknesses. We also perform fatigue or failure mode analysis. All Acme Specialty products are designed in digital formats that can be easily emailed or updated to interface with all major protocols. 

Let our years of experience and highly trained employees get to work on your next project. Our research and development specialists can find the solution to any of your  mirror development issues. One example follows: The staff at ACME Specialty has searched for many years for suitable mirror substraits for use in situations where even tempered glass will not survive. We are pleased to offer a new line of products featuring mirror-grade polished "hard" stainless steel and acrylic mirror lenses with a proprietary hard-coat that resists scratches. Both these substraits offer optical reflective properties equal to tempered glass, are unbreakable, and are lighter in weight, allowing for less substantial bracketing systems.

At ACME Specialty, we combine the highly technical processes and state-of the-art tools and equipment with the old-fashioned values and customer service that our clients have come to expect and appreciate. We work closely with our OEM customers to know and understand your interior mirror and exterior mirror needs. We offer free mirror design and free mirror development as part of our on-going pledge to our OEM customers to provide the highest quality products in the industry. 

For more details or to put us to work on your next project, please call (419) 243-8109 or email us at sales department for more information. We have a proud history of providing high quality interior mirrors, exterior mirrors and off-road vehicle mirrors to a wide variety of different companies who are leaders in their fields. We would be happy to talk with you about your company’s mirror manufacturing needs.

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