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ACME Specialty offers our customers much more than just high quality interior mirrors and exterior mirrors. Our experienced engineers can create custom designed products that will fit your application but at a price you are sure to enjoy. Some of the outstanding features you'll find with ACME's design and build process include:

ACME Specialty uses heavy-duty metal stampings and tubular forms, powder coating paint finishes, grade 5, 8, or stainless steel hardware, and resistance/TIG welded fabrications to create long-lasting quality products. Engineered plastics and carbon fiber composites are utilized when corrosion resistance or extreme strength/weight ratios must be designed into the products.

Custom Design
At ACME Specialty, we know that one size does not fit all. ACME offers custom-designed systems that precisely fit the needs of our customers' applications. We have realized long ago cookie-cutter standardized products do not allow work and so we often custom design mirrors and visors to meet specific requirements in as few as 25 piece lot sizes. Special features such as heating elements and remote controlled actuators can be included without high volume run requirements or large up-front tooling charges.

Fully-Tempered Convex Glass
Many of our interior mirror and exterior mirror products feature shatter-resistant, fully-tempered glass that withstands 5 G-force impacts. Our off-road mirrors are vibration resistant either at speed or at idle. They can be used in extreme temperature variations and provide a maximum field of view. Tempered glass is the mirror material of choice for off-road equipment for the past 30 years, and has recently been specified for interior school bus mirror requirements.

Heavy-Gauge Steel Backing
At ACME Specialty, many of our interior and exterior mirrors are backed with heavy 16-gauge steel as a minimum. Thicker gauge steel is more readily weldable and provides excellent support for our over-sized mirrors that can range in size up to 5 square feet.

Shock-Absorbent Soft or Hard Vinyl Framing
The professionals at ACME use soft or rigid PVC (or vinyl) for minimum shock transmittance and maximum sealing capacity. Soft framing is often used on interior mirrors where edge cushioning in case of impact is of concern.

Custom-Designed Mountings with Welded Joints
ACME uses welded, not riveted, joints for the greatest metallurgical strength. High G-force loads and vibrations at certain frequencies can cause premature mirror system failure.  Properly engineered resistance or tig welding configurations have proven to be the most reliable and longest lasting metal attachment processes for hazardous applications.  Our 40 years of welding configuration design and use has led to several patented mirror designs that have been in use for 10 years or more.

Adaptable Visors
ACME's see-through visors are made from 1/8"-3/8" tinted Plexiglas or tinted high strength polycarbonate for maximum impact resistance and adjustability. Scratch resistant coatings can be added to the tinted visors to improve service life. 

At ACME Specialty, we have a proud 100-year history of providing high quality interior mirrors, exterior mirrors and off-road vehicle mirrors to a wide variety of different companies who are leaders in their fields. We would be happy to talk with you about your company’s mirror manufacturing needs.


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